A multiple arcade machine emulator for DOS


25/10/02 - YAAME 0.3 released

  • New games :
    • Blockout
    • Carnival
    • Jumping Jack
    • Pac-Man
  • Several more games now support sound :
    • Anteater and Super Cobra
    • Bombjack
  • AY-8910 emulation improved somewhat
  • Sprite/background priorities fixed in Mr. Do's Castle and Do! Run Run

  • This will probably be the last release of YAAME.
    26/11/01 - YAAME 0.2 released

    New games (sorted by arcade hardware) :

    • Amidar (Amidar and Turtles)
    • Anteater (Anteater and Super Cobra)
    • Bombjack
    • Mr Do's Castle (Mr Do's Castle and Do! Run Run)
    • Mr. Do!
    • Nibbler
    Several games now support sound :
    • Mr. Do!
    • Mr. Do's Castle and Do! Run Run
    • Amidar and Turtles
    • Galaxian, War of the Bugs and Pac-man bootleg
    • Phoenix
    The new source is also available

    I need some help emulating the Z80 CTC (for the Bally/Midway MCR games). If anyone has some docs on it, could they please e-mail me?

    2/7/01 - YAAME 0.1 source code released

    The YAAME source code is now available, with a crappy mini-guide 'How to write a YAAME driver', and the bonus of an Amidar driver.

    30/6/01 - YAAME 0.1 released

    Emulates four sets of arcade hardware :

    • Phoenix (Phoenix and Pleiads)
    • Space Invaders (Space Invaders I & II, and Earth Invasion)
    • Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong and Radar Scope)
    • Galaxian (Galaxian, War Of The Bugs, and Pac-Man bootleg)